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How to Reduce Costs of Divorce Attorney Near Me [Answered]

Divorce is a huge event in a person’s life that comes with mental, physical, and financial challenges. You may share your problems with your friends or other loved ones.

These people may tell you that usually, a divorce attorney near me is expensive. However, that is not always true.

If you want to know more about it, dive into this post to understand the costs of a divorce attorney better.

Why A Divorce Attorney Near Me Is Perceived As Expensive?

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A divorce attorney near me may be expensive due to the high fees of a law firm. The lawyer may charge you significantly for advice about family law and help you win a big settlement.

The cost of attorney also increases if the case is complex and requires high expertise. Your family dispute may also cause the lawyer to put in more legwork than usual.

A few disputes that may lead to higher divorce costs include:

  • Property negotiations
  • Child custody
  • Spousal support

However, you don’t have to worry much about the costs because there are effective ways to reduce your financial burden.

How To Reduce The Costs Of A Divorce Attorney Near Me?

An infographic on the six ways to reduce costs of divorce attorney near me

Let’s look at the top ways to reduce the costs of a divorce attorney near me:

1.   Mediation

One of the top ways to reduce the legal costs of a divorce attorney near me is by using a mediator. The neutral professional will guide you and your spouse on different issues.

For example, the mediator may help you efficiently divide your properties. They may also assist you in determining the right child support payment amount.

Remember a mediator is also a legal professional, but their main purpose is to keep you out of the court. This reduces the cost of the overall divorce.

A divorce attorney may act as a mediator if you and your spouse choose an expert who can stay neutral.

2.   Effective Communication With Your Spouse

A common error that many people make during their divorce is poor communication. You may tell your divorce attorney to contact your spouse for every matter.

However, your spouse may want to discuss the matters with you due to the bond you shared with them. That is why, effective communication can help you reduce the legal expenses of a divorce.

Sit down with your partner and talk to them honestly about different matters. This can help you reach an agreement without requiring your lawyer to put in extra work.

An open conversation can also keep you out of court and divorce with mutual consent. Remember an uncontested divorce simplifies the overall process, leading to low attorney fees.

3.   Consult With A Divorce Attorney Near Me

Many couples believe they always need extensive legal representation when filing for a divorce. However, that is not true.

You will not always head towards a long court battle during a divorce. This is especially true if the divorce is uncontested.

So you can save your money by consulting with a divorce attorney instead of hiring them. The visit will help you receive legal guidance from a lawyer.

The best thing is that a divorce attorney can offer you counsel on specific issues too. This will help you save more money during the overall process.

4.   Organize Your Finances

One of the top reasons why divorce lawyers charge high fees is because they have to do a complete financial analysis. Most attorneys organize their client’s files and help them understand their finances.

If you analyze your finances and organize them before hiring an attorney, you can save more money. This is because the lawyer will not have to put in extra hours to get your bank records.

Typically, you must gather your tax returns for the past three years. It is also great to organize any three latest pay statements. These may include:

  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Investment statements
  • Mortgage or loan statements

The best choice is to get these documents in electronic form. This is because it is costly for lawyers to process paper documents.

5.   Email Your Attorney

Every time you meet with a divorce attorney, the lawyer will be billing you by the hours. So you must be careful about the expert’s time.

If the concerning issue is minor, you may just email your attorney about it. Your email must also be concise to save the attorney’s time.

Sometimes, you may decide to call your attorney for advice. That will add to the charges of the divorce. So be sure to create a list of issues before phoning a lawyer.

The list will help you understand whether the issues are pressing and cause you to require proper guidance. If not, then you can avoid the unnecessary call to save money.

6.   Going To Trial Must Not Be Your First Choice

Taking a case all the way to a full courtroom trial requires a lot of attorney time to prepare arguments, exhibits, witness lists, etc.

Attorneys usually charge hourly rates, so the more time spent prepping for and conducting a trial, the higher the legal fees. Avoiding a trial altogether skips these costs.

Settlement negotiations early on can resolve issues more quickly. Actively pursuing negotiations and settlement options early will help you resolve many issues faster.

This will reduce the need for a trial. Remember the shorter the process, the lower the total legal fees.

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