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How Much Is A Divorce In Florida?

Some people end up having a marriage that lasts a lifetime, while others don’t end up with the same fate. Compatibility with your partner and many other things affect the lifespan of a relationship. One of the biggest questions of people getting a divorce in Florida is “How much is a divorce in Florida” to prepare for it.

You may also have landed on this page with the same question. If so, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Let’s take a look at the average divorce in Florida cost.

What Is The Average Divorce In Florida Cost?

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The average divorce in Florida cost is $20,300 for couples with children. This figure may be reduced if you don’t have any kids. That is because the exact divorce in Florida cost depends on the complexities of the proceedings.

It is a general rule that the less complex a divorce is, the lower its cost will be. Of course, many other factors also affect how much a separation will cost you in Florida.

Top Factors Affecting Divorce In Florida Cost

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Here are the top things that affect the average divorce in Florida cost:

1.   Type Of Divorce In Florida

The type of divorce in Florida will affect its cost significantly. Some types of divorce are easier to process and don’t require you to file much paperwork. However, other options may cause you to wait a long time before finalization.

This means that the cost of a long and complex divorce is significantly higher than the divorce in Florida cost of simple divorces.

For example, uncontested divorce Florida cost is relatively affordable for many people. That is because you may not have to hire a family lawyer for this type of separation.

Meanwhile, the contested divorce in Florida costs more than any other divorce type. You will have to file paperwork multiple times due to agreement changes between you and your partner. There are also more forms to fill when you file for a contested divorce.

The divorce process can also be draining for you and your lawyer if you hire one. This is why the divorce in Florida cost largely depends on its type. No-fault separation cases also have lower fees than contested divorce types.

So be sure to understand what category your divorce case falls under to get an accurate cost estimate.

2.   Whether You Hire A Divorce Lawyer Or DIY

Another important factor that affects divorce in Florida is whether you’ll use a lawyer or not. The average cost of a family lawyer in this state is $50 per hour. This figure may vary, depending on the law firm you choose.

Companies such as Kraken Law in Florida offer lawyers at an affordable rate. However, you may have a misconception that hiring an attorney for divorce in Florida costs more than handling the case yourself.

If your divorce falls under the complex category, doing it yourself may be more financially draining. You will have to revise paperwork multiple times and file every updated document by paying bills multiple times.

Having inadequate knowledge of legal divorce proceedings in Florida may also cause you to file incorrect or incomplete documents. This will cause your case to be rejected. You will have to restart the proceedings by filing new complete documents.

Remember every time you restart the process or file new papers, you will have to pay a fee. This is why hiring lawyers for complex divorce cases is a better idea to lower your divorce charges.

A lawyer may wrap up the case faster than you would do yourself, allowing you to save more money. Meanwhile, if your case is uncontested or simple, you may handle the process without hiring a lawyer.

3.   Divorce Filing Fee In Florida Courts

When you file a divorce in any state of the US, you will have to pay filing charges to start the proceedings. A divorce lawyer usually handles all charges related to filing paperwork and other things. They then include these bills with their overall divorce fee.

The average filing fee for divorce in Florida cost is $409. Some people may tell you that you will have to pay around $350 for filing divorce in this state. However, the exact figure mainly depends on the type of separation.

That is because the court clerk will give you different forms and requirements for each divorce. If a case causes you to submit multiple filled forms and documents, the filing cost will be higher.

You will have to pay a specific amount for submitting each document. The fee mainly goes to the court proceedings because the papers you provide have to be reviewed by a clerk and judge.

Some factors that affect divorce filing fee Florida include:

  • Case complexity
  • Involvement of kids in the case
  • County fee
  • Serving charges

If everything is correct with your paperwork, a final hearing is set to help you get a divorce. Consulting a family lawyer may help you understand the filing cost of separation in your state easily.

4.   Child Custody And Alimony

Gaining child custody is tough for many parents, especially if your partner doesn’t want to compromise. The constant disagreements about kids can prolong the divorce process. A case that could have ended within a few weeks may take months or years if the court has to award custody itself.

This means child custody can increase the divorce in Florida cost by making the case complex. Divorce lawyers also experience more billable hours when handling divorce cases with kids. So this will also affect how much a family lawyer will cost you in this state.

You will also have to sort out alimony and child support payments with your partner. If you both share responsibilities for the kid, the spouse must pay you their contribution to secure your child’s future.

There are also specific requirements that parents with minor children must fulfill. For example, you must complete a four-hour course of parent education set by Florida laws.

If you and your spouse cannot prepare a child settlement agreement, the court may have to interfere. The judge will decide on who gets the custody or visitation rights. Remember disagreements will make the divorce process longer and increase its cost.

5.   Property Division

Another common thing that affects the divorce in Florida cost is property division. You and your spouse may have bought joint assets together. However, your partner may refuse to give you your share of the asset.

You may also fight on specific properties because you both may want the same place. This can lead to arguments and your earlier agreements may fall apart. If a proper marital agreement is not reached, the case will become complex.

The divorce in Florida cost of your separation will also increase due to property division issues. You may have to file revised paperwork with the court clerk, which will add to the divorce charges.

Your lawyers may also have to put in more billable hours to get you and your partner in a room to settle the property division. Whatever the case, you will be spending more due to the complexities of the divorce.

If you’re handling the case without an attorney, you will have to pay for every revised paperwork. You and your spouse will also have to spend money on getting agreements notarized. This is why it is recommended to minimize your paperwork by finalizing only one agreement.

6.   Additional Support

Besides lawyer and divorce filing fee Florida costs, you also have to consider other factors. For example, there are additional service providers you may have to hire. A property appraiser will charge you for giving you accurate values of your different assets.

You may also have to hire an accountant to gather your financial records and get accurate statements. Your partner will have to do the same for their individual records. So if you both are sharing your divorce in Florida cost, these things will add to the bills.

If you and your partner are having disagreements and cannot negotiate any further, you both may have to hire a third-party mediator. This individual can help you reach an amicable agreement by finding a suitable compromise. Once they prepare your document, you will have to pay them as per their hourly rate.

You may also have to pay for education courses set by the government for people divorcing with minor children. This is why you must research thoroughly to understand the services you will need during your divorce. It will help you learn the estimated cost of your overall divorce better.

How To Lower Your Divorce In Florida Cost?

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There are some specific ways to lower your divorce in Florida cost to save money. Below we have detailed them for you:

1.   Try To Go For An Uncontested Divorce

One of the best ways to reduce your divorce in Florida cost is by opting for an uncontested divorce. Talk with your partner about property, children, and other assets to reach a friendly agreement. You can then prepare a single marital settlement document to cover asset division.

Doing this will make it easier for the court to finalize the divorce. You will be filing less paperwork to the court clerk, reducing filing fees. A lawyer may also not be necessary for an uncontested divorce.

This means you will not have to worry about paying according to hourly rates.

2.   Opt For Legal Aid

Hiring lawyers is expensive and you may not be able to afford them. However, you may still need advice during your divorce process. In such cases, opting for legal aid can be beneficial.

The individual may be an attorney who will only offer you advice on the divorce process. They may guide you on the paperwork you must file for a specific divorce type and where to file them.

What’s so great is that legal aid will cost you less than hiring a full-time family lawyer. That is because you will still be doing all the legwork yourself such as submitting settlement agreements.

3.   Hire An Experienced Lawyer

A great way to reduce divorce costs in Florida is by hiring an expert lawyer. This is especially true if your divorce type is contested or relatively complex due to minor children. An expert attorney will minimize the number of times you’ll have to go to court.

They will also file paperwork for you to ensure there are no errors in submission. A law firm may also have accountants and appraisers already to calculate the value of your assets.

So hiring an expert attorney can help you reduce divorce costs in specific cases.

4.   Try An Online Divorce In Florida

Online divorces are becoming increasingly common due to their convenience and low costs. You may hire a service provider who will fill out your divorce forms using prompts and questionnaires.

They may also offer you advice on paperwork submission and may help you complete the parent education course. This is a cost-effective option if you want to do most of the things yourself without a lawyer, but require some tutorial guidance.


How Much Does It Cost To File For A Divorce In Florida?

The divorce filing fee Florida is $409. This may increase or decrease if your separation process varies in complexity.

How Much Is A Divorce If Both Parties Agree In Florida?

The average cost of an uncontested divorce without a lawyer is $500. In this case, you and your partner must agree on every aspect of separation.

What Is A Wife Entitled To During A Divorce In Florida?

A wife is entitled to marital assets such as a marital home, retirement accounts, personal possessions, and more. As a wife, you may also be entitled to cars bought during the marriage.

Final Thoughts

That is all you need to know about the average divorce in Florida cost. It is preferable to hire a lawyer for an easy divorce. So be sure to contact us today to learn more about separation in Florida.

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