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3 Tactics Insurance Companies Use after Auto Accidents: Explained by a Lawyer for Auto Accident Cases

Getting into an auto accident may be a tragedy for you because of hospital bills and injuries, but that isn’t true for your insurance company.

The primary aim of these companies is to minimize your claim value by using different tactics.

They may try to convince you that you don’t need a lawyer for auto accident cases so that you make a hasty decision.

This is why knowing how to deal with insurance companies after auto accidents is important. Let’s dive into the specifics.

How to Respond to the Insurance Company’s Call?

In 2023, more than 350,000 crashes have taken place in Florida. One of the top things you must do after the accident is deal with your insurance company for compensation if you’re not at fault.

The first thing your insurance provider may do is call you to confirm the accident details. Remember, you are not required to respond to the call.

You may tell the company employee to contact your lawyer for auto accident cases for the details.

This is the best thing to do because insurance providers may try to use your words against you when you file an official claim.

If you decide to talk to the operator, you must be careful of the details you disclose. The company may take things out of context to deny you your rightful claim.

The company’s main goal is not to offer fair compensation but to minimize the payout.

Top 3 Tactics Insurance Companies May Use to Deny or Lower your Claim

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Let’s look at the things insurance providers do to deny people their compensation:

1.  Convincing you that a Lawyer for Auto Accident isn’t Necessary

Jacksonville and Tampa are the top two cities in Florida with the most auto accidents every year. Most people who get into crashes hire a lawyer for auto accident immediately.

That is exactly what you should do as well after a car or motorcycle accident. Your insurance company may act in bad faith to convince you that you don’t need a lawyer for auto accident cases.

Insurance adjusters do this to meet you without a lawyer and devalue your claim. For example, the company may lowball your compensation value.

If you don’t have a lawyer for auto accident, you may not be able to calculate the value of your claim. Attorneys mainly do the calculation after getting your medical information, accident details, and other facts.

So you must always hire a lawyer for auto accident. You should also not engage with your insurance company without an attorney.

2.  Demanding an Audio or Video Statement

Auto accidents can be emotionally overwhelming for you and your loved ones. You may also be confused about your next steps after the crash.

In such delicate moments, your insurance company may ask you for a recorded statement out of bad faith. Such a statement is a video or audio clip in which you disclose accident details.

Always refuse your adjuster’s request because the company may want to benefit from your confused state.

You may mention incorrect details in the statement due to stress. The information may also contradict the later account of your accident in court.

The company may also try to create a defrauding scenario in front of the court if your record statement does not match other accounts.

3.  Trying to Get Access to your Medical Records

A common tactic that insurance providers use is getting you to sign a medical release authorization form.

This document allows an insurance company to access your medical records. However, this form also gives them authorization to see your prior medical reports.

The company may use your old records to prove in court that the injuries you’re suffering from have not been caused by the crash.

They may also use your long-term health conditions to convince the jury that you were at fault during the accident.

This is why you should discuss with your lawyer for auto accident whether it would be suitable to sign the form.

How to Answer your Insurance Company?

An infographic on how you can answer your insurance company without a lawyer for auto accident present

Here are some guidelines you must follow when dealing with your insurance company after an auto accident:

1.  Don’t Mention or Specify your Injuries

Whether you talk to an adjuster in person or on call, never specify your injuries. If they ask, you should mention that you’re receiving the necessary treatment.

The insurance company may note down the injuries you specify, and if you mention more injuries later, they may use your words against you.

You can also mention that your lawyer for auto accident will get back to them with injury updates.

2.  Take the Adjuster’s Information and Meeting Points

It is essential to note down the name of your insurance adjuster and other details for future reference.

You should also keep track of the answers you give to the insurance provider.

The most important thing you should do is ensure your lawyer for auto accident cases is present during the meeting.

3.  Avoid the Guessing Game

Being honest when answering your insurance company is important to avoid false allegations later. You should also not guess any answers.

If the adjuster asks you about a specific detail of the accident and you don’t know its answer, simply say that instead of lying.

You should also avoid exaggerating the details because these things may create problems for you in court.

Final Words

These are the top tactics that insurance companies use to devalue compensation claims and how to deal with them.

An understanding lawyer for auto accident cases can help you deal with insurance companies. For instance, your attorney may go to meetings on your behalf.

If you want to hire an experienced lawyer for auto accident, be sure to contact us now.

Our attorneys can help you understand bad faith tactics that insurance providers use and guide you about the next steps you must take.

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