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Common workplace injuries happening on site

Most Common Workplace Injuries: Top 6 Ones in the United States

Whether you work at a corporate office or an industrial warehouse, you are never immune to common workplace injuries. Every occupation has some hazards that you must avoid with the help of your employer’s attention to safety guidelines.

Despite different safety guidelines, many people still suffer from common workplace injuries such as slips and falls. If you want to learn more about such workplace accidents, you don’t have to look any further.

Let’s dive into the specifics of the most common workplace injuries.

Workplace Injuries Statistics in the United States

A chart representing data of nonfatal work injuries in the United States

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In 2022, the private industry in the US reported 2.8 million non-fatal common workplace injuries. This increase includes on-site accidents at offices and other working sites.

They also include illnesses caused by specific occupations. One of the examples of such workplace accidents is suffering from respiratory illnesses due to working at a smelting factory.

Besides that, 5,486 common workplace injuries in 2022 were also fatal. This is why one must know about specific accidents at work that they can face to always be extra careful around their workplaces.

6 Most Common Workplace Injuries

An infographic on the six most common workplace injuries in the United States

Let’s look at the common workplace injuries that you may have experienced already or suffer from in the future:

1.  Slips & Falls 

Slips and falls are one of the most common work related injuries that a person can face. This incident can happen at a corporate office where a stair step may be loose causing you to fall.

It can also occur at industrial warehouses and during corporate window cleaning jobs. The worst part is that the depth of this injury can be very serious.

If you fall from multiple floors due to a loose step, you may even suffer a traumatic brain injury. Such accidents at work not only cause you to lose your wages, but you may also suffer from a permanent disability.

Here are some other examples of workplace accidents surrounding slips and falls:

  • Slipping due to a wet floor
  • Falling in an office due to a broken chair
  • Slipping while using specific equipment in your workplace

In all these cases of accidents at work, you will have to prove your employer’s fault or manager’s negligence. This will help you file a police report against them easily.

2.  Electrical Injuries

Electrocution is one of the common workplace injuries that people suffer in different fields. However, such work related injuries are most prevalent in construction and repair jobs.

Some food-making factories may also have this occupational hazard if electrical tools are used for cooking or baking items. A defective machine may hurt you during a repair job in Florida.

You may also suffer an electrical injury if your employer didn’t provide you with the relevant safety gear. For example, you may not have been given gloves when working with electrical tools.

The worst part of electrical workplace accidents is that they can lead to secondary injuries. You may suffer from burns because of the occupational hazard.

Sometimes the electric shock may be so severe that it can damage your internal organs. It can also lead to a fatality on the site.

In 2020, about 126 workers died due to common workplace injuries surrounding electrical hazards.

3.  Overexertion Injuries

You may believe that working regular business hours will not exert you that much. However, that is not true.

Overexertion is one of the common workplace injuries in Florida and other parts of the US. This is because overtime and occupational hazards also factor in.

For example, you may suffer from muscle straining if your job requires you to carry heavy boxes around a warehouse. Intense labor work at construction sites can also exert a person heavily.

Other examples of causes that can lead to such common workplace injuries are:

  • Using an inappropriate lifting technique
  • Manually transferring heavy objects around a warehouse because your employer refuses to provide a machine
  • Working without breaks

Your employer must provide you with specific tools to lift heavy objects and transfer them. They should also give you a break amounting to specific hours to help you rest during the job.

Vacation and other off days must also meet the relevant requirements. If your employer fails to meet these factors, you may suffer from overexerting injuries due to negligence.

4.  Injuries Because Of Repetitive Motions

Common workplace injuries due to repetitive motions are called repetitive stress injuries at medical facilities. Such workplace accidents occur when a person performs the same movement multiple times for a prolonged period.

For example, using a shovel in the agricultural industry is a repetitive movement many workers perform multiple times on the same day. Retail and corporate office workers can also suffer from repetitive work related injuries.

In offices, using a mouse or a keyboard daily can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. The injury may also aggravate if your employer causes you to overwork by assigning unnecessary overtime.

They may also give you the work of some other employee, which can burden you.

5.  Injuries By Flying Or Stationary Objects

Collapsing structures also cause common workplace injuries such as head injuries. You may be walking in a warehouse taking inventory when a loose shelf falls on you.

On construction sites, workers may suffer injuries due to falling debris and poorly guarded machinery. Another worker may also trip on the site and drop heavy objects on your foot.

The severity of these injuries can vary from minor bumps into a small tool to major pressure by a collapsing structure.

You may also get hit by a crane or another machine if the person using it is not well-trained. Some people at industrial workplaces don’t know how to use their assigned equipment which can lead to injuries at the site.

If you work at a wood factory, you and your colleagues may be tasked with cutting the logs using electrical machinery. So small or large wood pieces may fly away due to the equipment’s pressure and the user’s inexpertise.

The worst part is that the flying structure may hit your head or go into your eye. You may even suffer from a permanent disability after the incident.

6.  Explosions & Fires

Workplace fires and explosions are a significant cause of injuries for employees across many industries.

These incidents can lead to severe burns, trauma from debris and physical impact, smoke inhalation, and even loss of life.

Industries with an elevated risk include manufacturing, construction, utilities, mining, and oil and gas extraction.

There are various causes of workplace fires and explosions such as faulty electrical equipment, ignition of flammable liquids and gases, mechanical failures, and chemical reactions gone wrong.

Proper safety protocols, training, ventilation, emergency preparedness, and maintenance are all essential to help prevent and mitigate such events.

When they do rarely occur, the results can be catastrophic for victims. Organizations must make fire and explosion safety a top priority to protect employee health and well-being.

Can I Sue My Employer For A Workplace Injury Lawsuit In Florida?

A question answer post explaining whether you can sue an employer for a workplace injury lawsuit in Florida

You cannot sue your employer for common workplace injuries in Florida because of worker’s compensation. This law defends the employer from personal injury claims by workers.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If your employer intentionally caused you harm at the site, you can begin a workplace injury lawsuit in the civil court of Florida.

The employer may not have purposely offered safety training to you before starting a construction project due to a grudge. They may not have offered proper safety gear such as gloves and hard caps to keep you safe from falling structures.

In such cases, you can initiate a workplace injury lawsuit against your employer. However, whether you will win the case or not will depend on your lawyer’s expertise.


What Actions Should Be Taken When An Injury Occurs In The Workplace?

When you suffer an injury at your workplace, you should seek medical attention immediately. Your next step in the hospital should be filing a police report. Once your immediate treatment is done, contact a personal injury lawyer to consult them about a workplace injury lawsuit.

How Do You Respond To A Workplace Injury?

The best way to respond to common workplace injuries is by getting first aid treatment and keeping a record of your injuries. You should also consult a lawyer before agreeing to any worker’s compensation if the employer hurt you intentionally.

What Are Workplace Injuries Most Commonly The Result Of?

The most common workplace injuries are caused by the negligence of an employer. Many of these accidents are slips and falls cases. However, other occupational hazards may also lead to common workplace injuries.

Final Thoughts 

That was your complete guide to the six most common workplace injuries in Florida. If you were hurt intentionally, you can file a workplace injury lawsuit against your employer.

An expert lawyer can help you seek accurate financial compensation to recover from damages. You can contact us now to consult with our team and start a workplace injury lawsuit right away.

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