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PIP Vs Medical Payments: What Is The Difference?

There are different insurance types you can receive for accident coverage in Florida. For example, there is personal injury protection (PIP) insurance and MedPay.

You may want to understand the differences between PIP vs medical payments to make a better decision. If so, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Let’s have a look at PIP vs medical payments to help you understand these insurance options.

What Is MedPay In Florida?

Definition of medpay coverage in florida

MedPay coverage in Florida mainly covers medical payments of people in car accidents. It is not necessary by law so you can put it in your auto insurance policy as an add-on.

It will cover all medical expenses of an accident regardless of who was at fault. However, MedPay coverage will mainly pay for the bills of a driver in a car and passengers in the same vehicle.

The policy will not cover the medical expenses of the people in the other car. Following are the top things that Medpay insurance will cover in Florida:

  • Medical payments
  • Hospital visits
  • Clinic checkups during recovery
  • Dental treatment
  • Ambulance transfer bills
  • X-ray and surgical payments
  • Chiropractor bills
  • Medical equipment such as arm prosthetics
  • Funeral bills

MedPay coverage will also pay the bills of any pedestrians or cyclists you hit.

What Is PIP Insurance In Florida?

An infographic explaining what is pip insurance in florida

PIP insurance in Florida is required by law for people taking out auto insurance policies. That is because this state is a no-fault region. It means regardless of fault, PIP payments will cover expenses and losses due to the accident.

PIP is a comprehensive policy that is optional in some states, but compulsory in other places. This coverage goes beyond the limits of MedPay coverage, allowing policyholders to benefit significantly.

PIP vs Medical Payments: The Difference Is In The Coverage 

A comparison table of the difference between pip vs medical payments

A comparison of PIP vs medical payments is necessary to understand these two policies. So let’s look at the differences between MedPay coverage and PIP payments:

1.   PIP Payments Cover Things Other Than Medical Expenses

The main difference between PIP vs medical payments is that PIP covers many different things. MedPay will only cover medical-related expenses, but PIP will also pay for lost wages.

Here are other things that are included in PIP but not in MedPay:

  • Essential services for tasks you cannot do because of injuries
  • Psychiatric treatment bills
  • Physical therapy charges
  • Rehabilitation services

The maximum limits of these things will vary, depending on the policy rules. However, these payments will always be covered by PIP in emergency condition cases.

2.   PIP Is Required By Florida Law

Another MedPay vs PIP difference is that the latter is necessary by law. Every insurance agency has to offer personal injury protection coverage. Most companies automatically add it to auto insurance policies.

Meanwhile, MedPay coverage is not a legal requirement. It will be your choice whether you want the policy or not. No insurance agency in Florida will automatically add it to your healthcare plans.

You may also be able to keep MedPay as your primary insurance policy instead of healthcare insurance. This is not true for PIP coverage.

3.   Medpay Is Less Expensive Than PIP

All drivers in Florida have to get PIP medical coverage for a minimum value of $10,000. This coverage will pay up to 80% of any medical expenses due to car crashes.

You will have to pay the remaining 20% out of your own pocket. However, some people cannot even afford that. In such cases, MedPay coverage will be beneficial.

The average value for MedPay usually starts from $5,000. It may be less or more, depending on specific insurance agencies. One clear thing is that MedPay is almost always less expensive than PIP.

That is because this coverage is not as extensive or comprehensive as PIP. However, it is still useful when combined with personal injury insurance to maximize insurance benefits.

4.   PIP Does Not Cover Chiropractic Treatments

The legal rule in Florida changed in 2012 regarding PIP insurance. That is why chiropractic treatments and acupuncture sessions are no longer covered by this insurance. If you face injuries that require these visits, you may have to get another policy or pay yourself.

Meanwhile, MedPay does cover chiropractic treatments because this policy is for all medical-related expenses. You can also pay for acupuncture sessions with this coverage.

The overall bills that these payments will cover will depend on the maximum limits set by the insurance agency.


Can You Have Both Pip And Med Pay In Florida?

You can have PIP and MedPay in Florida. It is advised to combine both these things so that you are covered completely by your insurance agency for medical expenses.

Getting MedPay coverage that can pay for 20% of medical bills is recommended because PIP will cover the rest 80%.

How Is PIP Paid In Florida?

When you file a PIP claim, the insurance agency will investigate it and make a decision. After that, they write checks to the relevant medical service providers and essential service providers.

It is rare for insurance agencies to give a direct check to policyholders for PIP payments.

Who Pays Medical Bills After Accident In Florida?  

If you have PIP or MedPay, your insurance agency will pay your medical bills after crashes in Florida. In some cases, you can even file a tort claim against the at-fault party to receive additional compensation. This is beneficial if your expenses are excessively high.

Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer After An Accident?

Now that you know all about PIP vs medical payments, you can make an informed decision about these policies. You may even hire a personal injury lawyer after accidents to help you with PIP claims.

Kraken Law can help you significantly after accidents in Florida. So connect with us now to meet our expert team of car accident lawyers for the best consultation visit.

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