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Can You File A Case Against An Insurance Company Without A Personal Injury Lawyer Attorney?

Dealing with an insurance provider can be intimidating and frustrating after an accident. You may want to file a case against the company without enhancing your expenses.

This is why you may be wondering how to file a case against an insurance company without a personal injury lawyer attorney.

If so, we’re here to help you. Below is everything you must understand.

Why Would You Need To Sue Your Insurance Company Without A Personal Injury Lawyer Attorney?

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The top reason people file a case against their insurance company is when they deny their claim. They may also be dodging your calls.

Let’s look at some other reasons why you would need to sue your insurance provider:

1.   Your Claim Was Not Processed

An insurance company may try to avoid paying you especially if your compensation value is high. This is why they may use tactics such as not processing your claim within the legal timeline.

The exact timeframe is not defined in Florida properly. However, it is necessary for insurance companies to process your claim promptly.

You may want to file a case against the company so that they pay attention to your case. Simultaneously, you may not want to burden yourself with a lawyer’s bills.

So you can start the initial legal proceedings yourself to get your rightful claim.

2.   The Company Is Avoiding Paying You

You may have taken advice from a personal injury lawyer attorney and won your rightful compensation from the court.

The work of your personal injury lawyer attorney may be over, but you may still have some way to go. This is because your insurance company may avoid paying you.

For example, they may delay the payment day by using excuses. They may say your paperwork is still being processed.

So the company may make you wait months or even years to get your payment.

To avoid a long delay, you can consider filing a case against them without a personal injury lawyer attorney.

3.   They Call Your Claim Fraudulent

There are many bad faith tactics that an insurance company can use to reject your claim. Such tricks help them to avoid a payout without implicating themselves.

If you didn’t offer a proper account of your personal injury, the company may have grounds to call your claim fraudulent. This is especially true if you cannot prove the merits of your initial case.

Many people believe this is the end of their claim and give up on their cases. However, that is not true.

An insurance company rejecting your claim is not a legal declaration. This means you can fight them in court to change their decision.

4.   The Compensation Is Not Fair

The damages you suffer in personal injury cases are used for calculating your compensation. There is no set way to do that, but a personal injury lawyer attorney may help you.

You can meet the lawyer for a consulting session to understand the ways to calculate your claim.

This will allow you to benefit from guidance without hiring an attorney and saving bills.

A lawsuit against your insurance provider will help you fight the unfair compensation in court. Remember to sharpen your negotiation skills before starting a case.

How To File A Case Against An Insurance Company Without A Personal Injury Lawyer Attorney?

If you want to file a lawsuit against an insurance company without a personal injury lawyer attorney, all burden will be on you. 

This means you will be solely responsible for finding proof and witnesses to prove your claim. You must also understand the company’s insurance policies soundly.

It will also be essential to understand your state’s law about personal injury cases. This knowledge will help you file proper paperwork to start the lawsuit.

You will also have to hire a serving company to send the lawsuit papers to the insurance company. Remember you will still have to spend some money even if you don’t hire a personal injury lawyer attorney.

Once the insurance company has been served, you must prepare for depositions and court proceedings.

Why Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer Attorney To File A Case Against Insurance Company Is A Better Option?

An infographic on the reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer attorney

Here are some reasons why hiring a personal injury lawyer attorney for suing an insurance company is better:

1.   It Will Save You Money In The Longterm

Suing without a lawyer will cause you to spend your own money on hiring a serving company. You must also spend funds on filing legal paperwork.

If you hire an attorney, all these things will be done by them. The great thing is that many lawyers work on a contingency basis.

This means you will have to pay them only if they win your rightful settlement. So you don’t have to worry about the burden of expenses when you lose the case.

2.   Your Burden Will Decrease

Your overall burden will decrease after hiring a personal injury lawyer attorney due to less work. You will not have to do field visits to find witnesses.

It will be your lawyer’s duty to find evidence related to the case. They will also have to collect reports and meet insurance adjusters on your behalf.

This means most of the legwork will be done by your lawyer. So your path to recovery will be easier.

You will also not have to stress out about understanding different laws and policies to win your case.

Closing Thoughts

This is everything you need to know about filing a lawsuit against an insurance company without a lawyer.

While it is possible to fight your case without an attorney, hiring a lawyer will offer you an edge. This is especially true for court proceedings.

An expert law firm can offer you wise and reliable personal injury lawyers to achieve your rightful claim. Be sure to contact us today for a consultation to meet our team of attorneys.

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