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6 Most Common Types Of Personal Injury Cases

Any time you get injured in an accident due to someone else’s fault, you must know the right steps to recover easily. However, the foremost thing you must do is file your personal injury claim.

Remember if you submit your case under an incorrect category, the authorities may reject it.

So understanding the different types of personal injury cases will help you file a lawsuit under the right category.

Here is all the information you must know about types of personal injury cases in the US.

What Is Personal Injury?

A definition post explaining the meaning of personal injury

A personal injury occurs when a person gets hurt due to the fault of another party. Most claims involve negligence from another person.

However, different types of personal injury cases can occur due to carelessness, medical issues, and more.

One of the personal injury examples includes a person getting hurt due to a drunk driver on the road. This is a common case of negligence.

You may also get hurt in a car accident because the other party may have fallen asleep behind the wheel. Some people also unintentionally hurt others due to medical issues.

For example, a driver may suffer from a stroke and cause an accident which may hurt you. These are a few claims for injury that you will most often see in Florida.

A personal injury can also occur due to intentional misconduct. The most typical example of such type of harm is a road rage incident.

6 Most Common Types Of Personal Injury Cases

An infographic on the six most common types of personal injury cases

Let’s look at the most common lawsuits for personal injury claims:

1.   Car Accidents

The fatality rate in 2023’s first quarter was 1.24 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled in Florida. Every year car crashes in different states lead to the deaths of thousands of people.

This is why car accidents are the most common types of personal injury cases in Florida. Many factors affect the occurrence of crashes such as:

  • Speeding
  • Speaking on the phone while driving
  • Reckless driving
  • Drunk driving

After car accidents, you can file personal injury claims for multiple damages. You may want to get compensation for your wounds, car repair, lost wages, and more.

Personal injury claims cover these things to help you recover from the accident physically, mentally, and financially.

It is essential to file a police complaint immediately after a car accident in Florida. You must also seek medical help to ensure you have an official record of your injuries.

These are some things that you must do for the most common lawsuits to ensure you win.

2.   Dog Bites

Every year more than 600 people in Florida get hospitalized due to dog bites. An average of two people also die due to this.

You may get bitten by someone else’s dog during a morning walk in a park. The laws for claims for injury by dog bites differ in every state.

Some states such as Florida strictly hold the pet owner liable for injuries that their pet causes. So guardians who thought their dogs were harmless could also be held liable.

The law of Florida holds the pet owner liable when:

  • Their dog bites another person
  • Their dog harms someone in a public place
  • Their dog injures a person in a lawfully private spot

If you get bitten by someone’s dog, you can seek compensation for your injuries and long-term recovery process.

The pet owner may also be imprisoned for a year especially if they showed negligence by taking their pet out while knowing it was dangerous.

3.   Workplace Injuries

Many types of personal injury cases can arise under workplace accidents. These injuries may occur in different places such as:

  • Corporate offices
  • Construction sites
  • Industrial warehouses

The main feature of these injuries includes a person getting hurt at their workplace due to negligence. Your employer may not offer a safe working environment.

For example, you may get hurt in a machinery accident if your employer doesn’t offer proper safety gear to workers. You may also suffer an injury by falling from the faulty step on your office’s stairs.

Typically, the company may offer you a worker’s compensation for your injuries. However, the value may not be enough to support your recovery.

So filing personal injury claims for such accidents is a better idea to maximize your recovery benefits.

Remember to find a personal injury lawyer expert in handling workplace injury cases. This will enhance your chances of winning the case.

4.   Slip And Fall Accidents

One of the top types of personal injury cases includes slip and fall injuries. Such claims may also come under the premise liability category.

The common feature of slip and fall personal injury examples include a person getting hurt on a property due to unsafe conditions.

You may suffer from the injury due to the negligence of the property owners. In such cases, you can hold them accountable by filing claims for injury against them.

Some cases may also involve the negligence of a building manager instead of the owner. You can file a case against the relevant manager to seek compensation.

A few types of personal injury cases of slip and fall accidents include:

  • Falling due to wet floor
  • Suffering an injury because of a loose tile in an apartment
  • Getting hurt by slipping due to poor lighting

You must offer evidence of negligence by the defendant for these personal injury claims. Getting proof of different hazards in the building may also help you build your case.

A personal injury attorney can help you by taking statements of the building residents or regular visitors. They can offer evidence of hazards such as loose tiles not being fixed even after complaints.

5.   Medical Malpractice

One of the major types of personal injury cases includes medical malpractice claims. In Florida, about 4,209 reports of these claims have been found in 2023.

Such malpractice happens when a doctor, nurse, or medical technician fails to offer proper patient care. For instance, a surgeon may perform an error during a procedure leading to your loved one’s death.

Poor aftercare by a nurse or improper dosage may lead to permanent disablement. You can file claims for injury under these conditions to seek accurate compensation.

Remember medical malpractice claims are serious and require hard evidence to win. This is why you need an expert personal injury lawyer by your side.

However, you must also understand that not every bad medical outcome is due to malpractice. So you must not decide to file a lawsuit hastily or emotionally.

Seek advice from a personal injury attorney to understand whether your case is substantial enough to hold in court.

6.   Product Liability

There are many types of personal injury cases falling under the product liability category. These are common in Florida and many other US states.

The main feature of the claim is a consumer suffering an injury due to a defective product. This defect can be:

  • Lack of information about allergens in the product
  • Inadequate application instructions
  • Design malfunction
  • No warning about specific dangers

As per your state’s law, you can hold the manufacturer, brand, or distributor accountable for the injury.

The basis of your case will be that the company put an unsafe product on the market. Your claim can include items of different categories.

An injury due to the malfunctioning of an electric car will enable you to hold the automobile company liable. You can also file personal injury claims for cosmetics leading to permanent skin damage.

Sometimes defective products also lead to fatalities. This type of injury also comes under the personal injury claims.

Navigating this common lawsuit may be difficult due to evidence collection. A lawyer for personal injury will make things easier by offering you professional help.

Other Types Of Common Personal Injury Examples

An infographic on the other common types of personal injury examples

Here are some other types of personal injury cases to enhance your understanding:

1.   Assault

You may believe that all types of personal injury cases include accidents, but that is not true. Intentional harm also comes under this category.

The at-fault party may push you down the stairs for fun or revenge. They may also damage your residential property or vehicle.

Typically, criminal charges apply to these individuals to put them in jail. You can combine the case with personal injury charges to seek compensation for your damages.

Filing a personal injury claim is the best course in assault cases because the incident may leave you with permanent injuries. You may also be put on bed rest for a long time.

All these things will cause you to lose wages and your family’s financial burden will be overwhelming.

2.   Defamation

Many people are unaware that defamation is one of the types of personal injury cases. False written statements against you may ruin your reputation in the industry.

Verbal slanders can also cause you to lose your job or receive a suspension. This means you will lose your wages and suffer financially.

It may also be difficult to get a job elsewhere in the same industry due to defamation. So you can file a personal injury claim against the offender.

You must prove the defendant made a false statement against you by citing it as a fact. It is also essential to offer evidence that your reputation suffered due to that slander.

The at-fault party’s lawyer may try to prove that the statement didn’t cause damage. They may make their case by offering evidence of your past misconduct in public.

3.   Aviation Injuries

The number of civilian aircraft accidents rose from 1,139 in 2020 to 1,225 the following year in the US. Some of these crashes also led to fatalities.

These accidents can occur due to commercial air crashes, private plane accidents, and more. Determining the liability in these types of personal injury cases is difficult.

The accident may occur due to faulty equipment or negligence of the pilot. It may also happen because of poor support by air traffic control.

As a surviving victim, you can file a personal injury case to receive compensation. Families of victims can also press charges against the at-fault party.

So be sure to hire an expert lawyer with a good understanding of aviation laws for these types of personal injury cases.


What Is An Example Of Personal Injury? 

One of the top personal injury examples includes pedestrian accidents. A car may crash into you while walking towards your home or workplace.

You can file a claim against the at-fault party for negligence and reckless driving to help you seek financial compensation.

How Much Compensation Do You Get For Personal Injury?

In most types of personal injury cases, you can receive $24,000 or less. The exact amount depends on your injuries and other damages.

An expert personal injury lawyer can help you calculate the value of your claim accurately.

How Do You Sue For Personal Injury? 

You can sue for different types of personal injury cases by hiring an expert attorney to help you. The lawyer will file legal paperwork to start your personal injury case officially.

It is possible to fight the case yourself, but that can harm your winning chances due to inexpertise.

What Is The Liability Of Personal Injury?

The liability of personal injury means that the person in question is at fault for causing the accident. They can be held accountable in court for the injuries.

This means you can seek financial compensation from them to support your recovery process.

How Can A Personal Injury Lawyer In Florida Help

These are the six most common types of personal injury cases you must be aware of. A personal injury attorney in Florida can help you in many ways such as:

  • Offering legal advice
  • Filing paperwork
  • Getting medical opinions
  • Fighting in a trial court

You can contact us today to set up a visitation with our expert team of personal injury lawyers. They will help you understand your claim’s worth and standing from a legal point of view.

After the visit, you can make an informed decision about hiring us for different types of personal injury cases.

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