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What Are Some Parental Responsibility Laws Family Lawyers Near Me Can Help Me Understand?

Getting a divorce can challenge you emotionally, but things get even more complex with minor children. Many second thoughts may come to your mind about the divorce.

You may also want to understand parental responsibility laws in Florida. That is why you can look for family lawyers near me on the internet.

An expert with an understanding of family law can help you understand your duties. They can also devise a custody settlement plan that works for you, your partner, and your kids.

So here is what you must know about child custody in Florida.

Parental Responsibility Laws Explained By Family Lawyers Near Me

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Let’s look at the different laws for child custody that family lawyers near me can help navigate:

1.   Sole Responsibility

Florida is a state where child custody is not a legal term officially. The place refers to cases around this matter as parental responsibility.

This is why you can look for family lawyers near me to understand the laws around it. The sole responsibility law gives one parent complete permission to make important decisions for the kid.

You can make decisions for your kid without the input of your ex if you’re awarded sole responsibility for your child. These decisions may surround topics such as:

  • The child’s education
  • Your kid’s healthcare
  • The religion of your young one
  • Vacation plans for your kid

However, you must remember sole responsibility is difficult to achieve. So finding family lawyers near me with track records of winning sole responsibility cases may be hard.

The parental responsibility laws mainly apply to parents with minor kids. You will be able to make decisions for your child until they turn into an adult.

Some family courts may also believe that the input of both parents is important in a kid’s life. This is why they may bind you by the shared parental responsibility law during a divorce.

2.   Shared Parental Responsibility

Florida’s parental responsibility law prioritizes shared duties for the child’s best mental health. Most courts believe that parents must get equal time with their kids for the child’s best growth.

Courts only apply changes when there are clear indications that shared time with both parents will be harmful to the kid.

If you are given shared responsibility, you and your ex will have full parental rights. This means both of you can make important decisions related to the child’s life.

Of course, you and your partner must agree with a decision. So you may have to sit down together and confer on options related to the child’s upbringing.

You both must consent to a school where your kid would thrive. Other things that you must develop a mutual plan for include:

  • Healthcare
  • Travel
  • Religion
  • Vehicle purchases
  • College

One of the most important things family lawyers near me can help with is the time-sharing schedule. You and your partner must agree on the months and days the child will stay with each parent.

Family lawyers near me submit these schedules on behalf of their clients to the court for approval.

When Is Sole Parental Responsibility Law Applied?

An infographic explaining when sole parental responsibility law is applied

Family lawyers near me are experts in understanding the sole parental responsibility law. They can let you know the cases in which this rule is applied.

One of the factors that affect sole responsibility is the child’s health. If a partner has a history of domestic violence or child abuse, the court may offer sole responsibility to the stable parent.

The law is also applicable in cases of neglect or abandonment. Drug addiction of one parent can also affect custody.

Is Time-Sharing Allowed When A Parent Has Sole Responsibility?

Your divorce may be messy, but you may end up winning the sole responsibility of your kid. This is why understanding the time-sharing rules is important.

The other parent may benefit from time-sharing, depending on the reason you have sole responsibility. A judge may also make supervision mandatory during the visit to ensure your kid’s safety.

However, the court may not approve time-sharing if spending time with the other parent may harm your child’s psyche.

So you must not think that there will be a zero chance of your ex meeting your kid in the future.

What Is A Florida Parenting Plan Explained By Family Lawyers Near Me?

An important thing you must prepare during your divorce is a parenting plan. This is an essential document that you must submit to the court under the shared parental responsibility law in Florida.

The document must clearly state how you and your ex will share daily tasks for the child’s upbringing. You both must also mention the things each parent will be responsible for.

The parenting schedule with the specific time is necessary to submit within this legal document. It is also important to specify which parent will be responsible for healthcare forms and school matters.

Remember this designation is mainly for the parent who will be the main point of contact. For example, you may want your child’s school to inform you of performance-related matters.

This may be because the other partner may not be interested in the child’s education life. They may also be traveling a lot due to work reasons.

The document must also include details of the method the parents will use to communicate with the child.

Find Family Lawyers Near Me

This is all you need to know about the parental responsibility laws in Florida. You can understand these regulations better with the help of family lawyers near you.

Kraken Law is one of the best law firms you can choose to help you during a divorce and child custody in Florida. Our expert team has a vast understanding of family law.

They can advise you on the steps you must take to achieve sole or shared parental responsibility. So don’t forget to contact us.

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